Note on new Law 4685/2020 Eletaen Team May 13, 2020

Note on new Law 4685/2020

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Hellenic Parliament has approved a new law which includes important clauses for our sector. The law has been published at the Official Government Gazette A’92/7.5.2020 under the no 4685/2020. With the new law the duration of the environmental licenses (EIA) is defined to 15 years (from 10 years) and shorter deadlines are introduced to some of the procedures for the issuance of the EIA. More importantly, the Production License for RES project is substituted by the Certification of RES Producer.

ELETAEN has circulated an informative note among its members. You may download the Note in pdf HERE

In the following links you may find additional information in Greek:

The presentation of ELETAEN at the Parliament during the discussion for the new law

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