Electronic message sent to all Greek and Cypriot Members of EU Parliament

Friday, 12 January 2018

On January 12, 2018, the Hellenic Wind Energy Association HWEA/ELETAEN, as the national representative of the European wind energy association WindEurope, sent an electronic message to the Greek and Cypriot MEPs on the vote of 17th January in the European Parliament about the RES Directive and the target of 2030.

HWEA points out that the vote of 17th January will affect the employment in the wind industry across the Europe. The wind industry in Europe employs 263,000 people and contributed €36bn to EU GDP last year. It generated €8bn of exports outside of Europe. This benefits other sectors too. Every €1,000 of turnover in the wind industry generates €250 of activity in sectors such as metals, chemicals, electrical equipment and machinery, construction and engineering.

In order to maintain and strengthen this positive contribution and to support investments, HWEA requires a renewable energy target of 35% for 2030 and notes that if the initial 27% adopted, then €92bn of investments and 132,000 potential jobs will be lost.

The letter to the Greek MEPs

The letter to the Cypriot MEPs