The local benefits from wind farms in south Evia, Greece

Monday, 25 June 2018

More than € 82 million is the total benefit of the local economy and society in the area of south Evia island through the installation and operation of wind farms in the area.

In particular, only from their operation, these wind farms attribute € 3.9 million per year locally without counting direct jobs and other indirect benefits. This amount refers to development works, sponsorships, supplies from the local market and the special tax 3% of the turnover in favor of the municipalities and the citizens.

Implementing the wind farms under construction in the area will multiply these benefits.

These are the main conclusions of a research it conducted by the Hellenic Wind Energy Association HWEA/ELETAEN based on analytical data gathered from almost all the companies that have or are involved in the operation of wind farms in the area.

You may download the HWEA’s research for the local benefits from the wind farms in south Evia at the following link