Recommendations and comments
on the National Energy and Climate Plan

Monday, 03 December 2018

The Hellenic Wind Energy Association HWEA/ELEATEN published its opinion on the draft National Energy and Climate Plan issued by the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Among others, HWEA calls for the following:

1) The generous improvement of the mix of the policy measures and actions, in order to keep Greece on track after 2030

2) A Specific Action Plan with time-tables, intermediate targets and quantitative indices for the effective monitoring of the NECP execution

3) The Action Plan should include a special Roadmap for Large RES investments

4) More ambitious plan for the interconnections of the islands, which will also lead to the rapid reduction of oil share in e-generation

5) A vision for the international interconnections targeting to make Greece an exporter of green energy

6) A clear plan for the auctions for new capacities

7) Specific measures and procedures for repowering

8) More analysis of the measures for the electrification