ELETAEN’s presentation at Investment Seminar in London Eletaen Team November 22, 2018

ELETAEN’s presentation at Investment Seminar in London

Thursday, November 22, 2018

ELETAEN’s CEO Panagiotis Papastamatiou spoke for the investment opportunities at the Greek Energy Investment Seminar organized by the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce at Watson Farley & Williams London Office. The presentation covered the current status of the wind energy market in Greece, the new Feed-in premium support mechanism and the auctions scheme. It also included the basic figures for the targets for 2030 as announced by the Ministry of Environment and Energy within the draft Energy and Climate Plan for 2030.

Apart from Papastamatiou, other speakers in the Seminar were:

Riccardo Lambiris, CEO, TAIPED

Marios Zangas, Head of Vestas Hellas & Cyprus

Stella Zacharia, Head of Renewable Energy Assessment & Market Regulations, Terna Energy

Zisimos Mantas, EUNICE

Virginia Murray, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams | WATSON FARLEY & WILLIAMS

Mathios Rigas,  CEO, Energean Oil & Gas

Short remarks were provided by the Ambassador of Greece in UK and the Ambassador of UK in Greece.

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