e-workshop: “Wind Energy and circular economy: Recycling of wind turbines” (videos & presentations) Eletaen Team February 24, 2022

e-workshop: Wind Energy and circular economy: Recycling of wind turbines (videos & presentations)

The wind industry is committed to the circular economy by accepting, under the Green Agreement, the European Commission’s action plan for circular economy. This plan focuses on reducing resource waste, reusing materials and producing energy from waste production processes.

Today, the 85-90% of wind turbines’ total mass can be recycled in an effective way. However, wind turbine blades remain a challenge, due to the composite materials used for their construction. On the website ask4wind more information can be found, among which the existing methods for recycling of composite materials. The wind industry is already moving towards the development of new technologies that will make the industry fully sustainable in an effective way.  International companies have already announced their research projects and targets.

All the above, along with the best international practices, experiences and perspectives for Greece were discussed during ELETAEN’s online workshop with representatives of the government, industry and society.On behalf of ELETAEN the sessions were moderated by Mr. Panagiotis Ladakakos, Mr. Panagiotis Papastamatiou and Mrs. Efi Karra.

You may download the presentations of the workshop:

Alexander Vandenberghe, WindEurope HERE

Mie Elholm Birkbak, Vestas  HERE

Jonas Pagh Jensen, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy HERE

Matthew Geraghty, DNV HERE

Angelos Kasimis, PPC Renewables HERE

Pavlos Filippou, Polyeco HERE

You may watch the videos of all speeches at the end of the article as long as on the following link: https://www.livemedia.gr/eletaen-anakyklwsi-anemogennitriwn

You may watch the videos of the workshop :

Opening – Greetings- Mrs. Alexandra Sdoukou – General Secretary for Energy and Mineral Resources , Mr. Manolis Grafakos – General Secretary for Waste Management, Mr. Petros Varelidis – General Secretary for Natural Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Yiannis Yiarentis – Chairman & CEO of DAPEEP, Mr.Dimitris Papastergiou – President of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities

Giles Dickson – CEO WindEurope

Alexander Vandenberghe – Research & Innovation Manager, WindEurope

Mie Elholm Birkbak – Specialist, Next Gen. Concepts and Partnering Innovation & Concepts (I&C) Vestas 

Jonas Pagh Jensen –  EHS Specialist, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy 

Matthew Geraghty – Decommissioning Specialist, DNV

Nikos Charalampidis – Executive Director of Greenpeace Greece

Filippos Kirkitsos – President of Ecological Recycling Society

Angelos Kasimis – Director of Operation & Generation Management, PPC Renewables

Pavlos Filippou – Account Manager, Polyeco

You may download the agenda HERE.