30 Years ELETAEN 1990-2020 Eletaen Team February 14, 2020

30 Years ELETAEN 1990-2020

The wind industry began its exciting journey in our country in the 1980’s. Now everywhere in Greece we produce electricity from the wind. Wind turbines are the present and future of energy in Greece, Europe but also in the world.

We have only a few years left to prevent the catastrophic climate change and reduce the temperature rise below two degrees. Wind energy is one of the most effective weapons we have in this battle.

It saves valuable financial resources that would otherwise be spent on fossil fuel imports. It offers cheap electricity to households, businesses and industries. It supports a more competitive economy.

The construction of a wind farm leaves over 30% of the investment in our country. Wind energy creates new jobs. Especially in provincial areas. Services, construction, infrastructure, grids and sometimes towers are built here. Over 80% of operating costs is spent in Greece.

Wind farms support the places that host them, in various ways. They allocate 3% of their turnover to infrastructure and development projects and to culture activities. The new roads protect our forests and mountains from fire. They support local farming. Environmental restoration works reduce as much as possible the intervention in the natural landscape and harmonize with it. Reforestation works contribute to upgrading the local environment.

Wind farms are a combination of simple systems, like those that exist in our daily lives. They don’t pollute, they don’t burden the local environment, they don’t harm our health. They don’t affect local farming or beekeeping, nor tourism. They don’t reduce real estate value. All these are proven by many studies in Europe and America.

For all these reasons, Europe invests in wind energy. It creates high technology for the present and future generations. Greece should not abstain from this global effort. It is a matter of geopolitical power. And it’s our duty to the generations to come, to abandon lignite and reduce our dependence on imported fuels. With wind energy.

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