Note on COVID-19 and wind energy in Greece Eletaen Team March 21, 2020

Note on COVID-19 and wind energy in Greece

Saturday, March 22, 2020

Wind energy companies in Greece are making every effort – within their responsibility – to respond effectively to the current critical period. They closely monitor and apply the announcements of the Government and the experts to limit travels and contacts, targeting to protect the health of workers and citizens and -at the same time- to secure high availability of their facilities.

The COVID-19 crisis has already brought problems which -up to now and in most of the cases- are manageable.

One of the few areas that has not been affected is the expected joint RES auction of 2.4.2020. The auction is electronic and any document -required in physical form- has already been submitted (e.g. participation letters of guarantee).

The problems and the potential risks for the projects are relating to licensing delays,  few weeks of delays in the delivery schedules of equipment, restrictions in travelling and accommodation in hotels, special quarantine regime in islands etc. Based on all the above HWEA has proposed appropriate legislation extending, if necessary, several deadlines for the licensing and the construction of the investments..

In addition to the above, the COVID-19 crisis poses a risk to the market’s liquidity. Care should be taken that any relief measures for consumers or suppliers are not unfairly burden the Special RES Account.

Download the Note for the COVID-19 HERE

See the letter addressed to the Government (in Greek) HERE