Global Wind Day Gala and “AIOLOS” Awards Eletaen Team June 10, 2022

Global Wind Day Gala and AIOLOS Awards

Global Wind Day Gala


“AIOLOS” Awards

Wednesday 15 June 2022, 19:30


Ble Azure

 Poseidonos Av. 70, Alimos, 17455

Next week, we will celebrate the Global Wind Day with a reception next to the Saronic Gulf.

So far, the following have confirmed that they will honor us with their presence and will celebrate with us:

  • The Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Nikolaos Tagaras
  • The Member of the Hellenic Parliament, SYRIZA Sokratis Famellos
  • The Member of the Hellenic Parliament, SYRIZA Peti Perka
  • The Member of the Hellenic Parliament, KINAL Giorgos Arvanitidis
  • The Member of the Hellenic Parliament ND and President of the Environment Committee of the Hellenic Parliament Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou
  • The Member of the Hellenic Parliament ND and former Vice-President of the Hellenic Parliament Giannis Tragakis
  • The Member of the Hellenic Parliament, SYRIZA Kostas Zachariadis
  • The General Secretary of Natural Environment and Water Petros Varelidis
  • The Secretary General for Forestry Konstantinos Aravossis
  • The Secretary General for Spatial Planning Efthymios Bakoyiannis
  • The Secretary General for Waste Management Manolis Grafakos
  • The Chairman & CEO of DAPEEPYiannis Yiarentis
  • The President of Regulatory Authority of Energy Prof.Athanasios Dagoumas
  • The President and Managing Director of the Energy ExchangeGeorge Ioannou
  • The Vice President of IPTO Giannis Margaris
  • The President of CRES Spyros Economou
  • President of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities Dimitris Papastergiou
  • President of the Green Fund Stathis Stathopoulos


The Special Advisor of the Prime Minister Prof Dimitris Oikonomou

The venue

In a very summery place by the sea, we are waiting you to celebrate the Global Wind Day and after three years, the “AEOLOS” awards, a trademark of the industry and the events of ELETAEN.


Thank you very much for your interest in participating in our event. Your participations have exceeded our expectations: The available seats are sold out.


The sponsors of the event, so far, are the following:




Measures for the pandemic

The easing of measures and restrictions against the pandemic by the authorities, allows us to organize our event with more freedom and comfort. However, in order to ensure its proper organization with maximum safety, we plan additional measures, such as the requirement for a negative Covid test.

Therefore, before your arrival, you are kindly requested to send us an electronic negative rapid test or PCR that will be performed 24 hours before the event or have it with you. If not, a laboratory testing kiosk will be set on the entrance of the museum, providing covid -19 rapid testing on the spot. For this reason and for your most immediate service, we encourage you to  have with you the form  with your required personal information completed.

You may find a map for the venue HERE and HERE