Study: RES penetration and Electricity market prices in Greece

The escalation of natural gas prices in 2021 dragged electricity prices to unprecedented levels due to the high participation of gas in the energy mix of European electricity systems. What was the effect of variable RES penetration on the formation of the market clearance prices (MCP) regarding the Greek market? What would be the MCP if the production from RES was absent from the energy mix?

An illustrative guide for the wind farms’ licensing procedures in Greece

HWEA has published an illustrative Guide for the current licensing procedures and the existing regulatory framework. The new Guide should be read in parallel to the…

Α guide for the licensing of wind farms in Greece

Offshore wind potential at Aegean Sea

Expansion of the Market for EO Based Information Services in Renewable Energy (ResGrow) is a project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). During phase II of the project…

Greek Electricity Market Design Study

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